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December ’18 Message from the CEO

Henry County Health Center | December 28th, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I hope you and your families have had an enjoyable holiday season.  While we did not get a white Christmas that so many of us look forward to, I was very happy with the warmer temperatures we experienced.


Starting in the month of January, HCHC will be partnering with Great River Health System (GRHS) to bring Hematology/Oncology services to HCHC. We are very pleased about this partnership and to have GRHS physicians Dr. Luz Cortes and Dr. Mohammed Alhyari providing cancer and hematology services to the patients of our community.  The physicians will hold clinic at HCHC once a week beginning January 16, 2019.  For more information please call 319-385-6185.  A warm welcome to Dr. Cortes and Dr. Alhyari.


Additionally for the New Year, HCHC will begin to provide primary care clinic services in New London. HCHC and GRHS are working together through a lease/service agreement to ensure access to primary care for the New London community. Starting in February, Physicians & Clinics of HCHC – New London will operate and function as our other rural health clinics in Wayland, Winfield and Mount Pleasant.  Sylvia Graber, ARNP, FNP, will continue to work at the New London location and provide primary care services to the community as she has done over the last several years.


In addition, Jessi Richmond, ARNP, FNP, will be joining HCHC in January 2019. Jessi is a family nurse practitioner and has been providing primary care services to the New London community.  She will be providing clinic services at our Wayland, Winfield and Mount Pleasant locations.  Please join me in welcoming both Sylvia and Jessi to our medical community.


HCHC has continued to emphasize how we can actively enhance the health of the individuals and communities we care for. The health center recently released our 2017 community benefit report.  In 2017, HCHC provided $1,839,219 in community benefits to Henry County, according to a recently completed assessment of those programs and services. That amount, based on 2017 figures, includes $1,147,372 in uncompensated care and $691,847 in free or discounted community benefits that the health center specifically implemented to help Henry County residents.  HCHC is committed to enhancing the quality of service and implementing activities that provide value to our communities and improve customer satisfaction. Our participation in the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative Hospital Improvement Innovation Network, along with our efforts to enhance patient transparency throughout the organization, demonstrate our belief that we must continue to be innovative in order to bring value for the care our patients and elders receive.


Our annual report will be coming out shortly to everyone in Henry County in the upcoming Health Update.  I would like to thank Shelley Doak, our Public Information Director, and everyone in the health center who contributed to help complete our annual report.  I believe you all will find it very informative about the health center’s past year.


Lastly, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous and joyful 2019.