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Fresh herbs: Don’t miss out on summer flavor

Henry County Health Center | August 7th, 2019

Are you excited to eat your favorite summer foods? Sweet corn and tomatoes, anyone? Fresh peas creamed with small red potatoes and pearl onions? Bring them on! How about a simple cucumber sandwich and a cup of brewed iced tea with mint leaves? Heavenly.

Savor the Flavor

Well…you may not be getting the entire summer flavor you deserve. Fresh herbs can make your favorite summer foods taste even better. And they are good for your health! Herbs can add flavor so that cooks can use less salt or sugar in preparation and still enjoy salty, sweet and savory tastes. Some studies have even shown that certain herbs or spices can reduce inflammation in the body or lower the risks of chronic disease.

Turn your windowsill into a mini greenhouse

Planting herbs in containers will provide a variety of fresh flavors—for little money—throughout the entire summer. Most herbs are perfect container plants and will thrive on a sunny  windowsill, deck, patio, balcony, fire escape, or front steps, provided you offer them the right growing conditions.

August’s Fresh Conversations discussion will highlight the many ways you can incorporate herbs into your daily cooking.  We will be specifically talking about growing and using basil.  Stop by your local congregate meal sites to engage in the chat.  August’s Fresh Conversations program will be held at The Fellowship Cup on August 21st at 11am. Local facilitator, Elise Klopfenstein from Henry County Health Center will lead the discussion.


Basil is my baby

For many patio gardeners, basil is the I-can’t-live-without-it herb. Basil’s fresh, spicy, clove-scented flavor profile is a natural addition so many foods. Just one well-pruned plant will supply you with about a 1/2-cup’s worth of basil each week. To tantalize your taste buds, we’ll be trying herbs dips this month.

This month’s strengthening exercise is the wall push-up. Participants will have the opportunity to try-out this modified push-up that gives you all the upper-arm benefits without having to get down to the floor. Join a local Fresh Conversations meeting and try-out new exercises as well as tips for getting daily doses of activity. 

Fresh Conversations is a free program offered by Milestones Area Agency on Aging and designed to promote sharing and peer support. Stop in at The Fellowship Cup on August 21 2019 at 11am and take part in the program.