Emergency Department FAQ’s

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Emergency Department FAQ’s

What does 24-hour coverage mean?

In the HCHC Emergency Department, a physician is physically present 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When should I go to the Emergency Department?

HCHC’s Emergency Department is prepared to treat all patients who request care. The decision to use the hospital’s E.D. can only be made by the patient or their legal guardian.

HCHC believes that care is best when patients have an ongoing relationship with a physician in private practice, and this is the optimal setting for maintaining continuity throughout the medical treatment. Most private physician practices in Henry County are able to treat acute problems in a timely manner. However, since acute illnesses left untreated may become major health problems, patients without a regular physician may find the Emergency Department the best alternative.

Can I call the Emergency Department and get medical advice?

HCHC’s Emergency Department does not give specific medical advice by telephone. However, they may suggest that you contact your physician/on-call physician, or come to the E.D.

Can the E.D. help me establish a relationship with a private physician?

The Emergency Department can give you a list of local physicians accepting new patients and other options for follow-up care.

If I need follow-up care, can I get that from the E.D.?

At the time of your initial Emergency Department visit, you will be directed on your appropriate follow-up care.

If medication is prescribed with my Emergency Department visit, will HCHC fill that prescription?

Depending on their needs, patients may be given an initial dose of a needed medication as part of their E.D. visit. However, your prescription must be filled at a retail pharmacy.