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EMS Ambulance

Who We Are

The Emergency Medical Services Department at HCHC is a hospital-based ambulance service providing 911 coverage for all of Henry County with the assistance of seven fire departments located throughout the county.  Our service area covers approximately 440 square miles.

Henry County Health Center began providing EMS coverage to Henry County in 1980.  As a rural provider, we have modified our services over the years to provide levels of treatment not normally found in EMS Systems.  We established our 12-lead ECG program in 1995 and we were the first service in Iowa and amongst the first in the U.S. to provide pre-hospital fibrinolytic therapy.  We have built our system into a progressive system that provides quality health care to the community.  Henry County Health Center Emergency Medical Services was honored in 1998 as the NAEMT Paramedic Ambulance Service of the Year for its dedication to providing quality care, as well as promoting safety and wellness to the area.

What We Do

Our primary role in Henry County is 911 coverage.  Emergency responses comprise over 50% of our call volume while Interfacility transfers constitute approximately 45% of our volume.  We are authorized to provide service at the Iowa Paramedic Specialist level as well as provide specialty care during interfacility transfers at the Critical Care Transport level.  Annually, we respond to approximately 1900 requests for medical transport.

We have 29 EMTs on staff and maintain a fleet of four ambulances at Henry County Health Center. All of our ambulances are manufactured by Lifeline Emergency Vehicles.  In addition to our ambulances, we also maintain an EMS Incident Command vehicle and our Event Cart which is a Yamaha golf cart modified for patient care and transport.


For more information on EMS Ambulance, please call 319-385-3141.