Prenatal Class Series

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Prenatal Class Series


You are about to experience the miracle of birth. To prepare you for the birthing experience, a number of educational classes are offered through the Maternity Services Department at Henry County Health Center. In the prenatal class series, expectant parents will learn what to expect during the last trimester, the labor, and the birthing process as well as what happens after the baby is born. For parents who attended a prenatal class series during a previous pregnancy there is a refresher course which reviews the three stages of labor, the three stages of the birth process, and discusses the differences between a first birth and subsequent births. If you have any questions about any of the classes offered, please contact Maternity Services at (319) 385-6187.

Prenatal Class Series

This is a series of prenatal classes designed primarily for those clients who have never before attended prenatal classes. The class meets four times, each on a Monday evening from 7-9:30 p.m.. The series is offered throughout the year, and mothers usually choose to attend the series of classes which end the month before her due date. Topics included are: third trimester nutrition; exercise; three phases of labor; physical and emotional responses to each phase; coping techniques through each phase; the three stages of the birth process; breathing patterns; relaxation; medical techniques commonly used in the labor and delivery process; cesarean birth; newborn characteristics; postpartum depression; breast-feeding; bottle-feeding; and car seat safety. Each class series also includes a tour of the HCHC Maternity Services Department. The series is very informal with ample time for questions and discussion. The classes are free for those who plan to deliver at HCHC.

Refresher Class

This is a one-evening prenatal class designed for those parents who have attended a prenatal class series during a previous pregnancy. A tour of the Maternity Services Department is given, and the facilitator will review the three stages of the birth process and the three phases of labor; the differences between a first birth and subsequent births; breathing patterns; and relaxation. There is no fee for the class.

Pre-registration is required for all classes. To pre-register for any class or for more information, call 319/385-6187.