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Park Place Elder Living

Who We Are

Park Place Elder Living (PPEL) offers a homelike, family atmosphere in a beautiful setting. Park Place is called home by Elders who find themselves in the advanced stages of life, as well as individuals who find they need an increased amount of assistance in their daily lives. Park Place also serves as a temporary home for individuals who need time to recuperate from an illness or injury before returning home. We are committed to providing quality and compassionate care to every elder, every time. At Park Place Elder Living, meeting the needs of elders with compassion and respect is top priority.

What PPEL can provide

A 49-bed facility, our proximity and partnership with HCHC provides great comfort to Elders and family. We are connected to HCHC in more ways than one. A physical connection to the hospital means that when an Elder has an appointment or needs emergency care, travel time and exposure to the elements are eliminated. Another way we are tied to the HCHC community is through staff. This connection to the health center through physicians, other healthcare professionals, housekeeping and maintenance, means a continuity of care and amenities that is entirely to our Elders’ benefit.

At Park Place Elder Living, elders, family and staff work together to provide meaningful, quality care and assistance that focuses on promoting a deep sense of well-being for our elders. Staff work with families during quarterly care conferences to assure that we are providing quality care and meeting the needs of elders and their families. Monthly Community Meetings are held where elders and families are encouraged to give input about things they like along with areas of improvement. Elders also help plan daily activities and other events. We make certain that we offer a variety of activities to meet the diversified interests of our elders. We value the opinions of our elders, and are committed to making PPEL the most pleaseant and enjoyable place to call home.  In addition, Park Place emphasizes the importance of keeping elders connected to family, friends and their community, inviting friends from the outside community to Park Place to enjoy activities with the elders. This gives our elders the opportunity to continue those valuable relationships that they cherish so greatly.


At PPEL we honor the voices and choices of our elders. Over the years this has meant that elders and staff have worked together to create opportunities for more selections and the simple pleasures of life to be offered.  We have a snack bar that is stocked with items such as chips and pretzels, granola bars, cookies, pudding, Jell-O, and fruit. When fresh goodies are baked they are offered as well. Thanks to a generous donation from a former elder, we have an ice cream machine that is on 24-hours a day. 24-hour dining options are also available. Our courtyard is accessible all day as well, and provides a secure and beautiful space for our elders to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

 Leadership Staff

  • Michelle Hanson, Administrator
  • Cathi Coley, Director of Nursing
  • Amber Droz, Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Julie Helling, MDS Coordinator
  • Ray Millard, Restorative Nurse
  • Brady Huston, Social Worker
  • Miranda Pratt, Activity Coordinator
  • Bryan Katchay, Activity Assistant

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For more information on Park Place Elder Living, please call 319-385-6192.