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Calling Patient Rooms

How to call a patient room directly if you know the room number:  Dial 319-385-60 _ _ and the last two numbers of the patient’s room.  For example, if the patient is in room #2014, his or her phone number is 385-6014.

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319-385-6540 (Phone)

319-385-6550 (Fax)

Business Office319-385-6142
Cardiopulmonary Services (including Cardiac Rehab & fitness program)319-385-6504
Diabetes Education Center319-385-6518
Gift Shop319-385-6101
Healthy Henry County Communities319-385-6523
Lifeline—Emergency Medical Response System319-385-3141
Maternity Services/Obstetrics319-385-6187
Medical/Surgical Department319-385-6180
Oncology Services (cancer and chemotherapy)319-385-6185
Park Place Long Term Care Unit319-385-6192
Patient Representative319-385-6593
Public Health & Immunizations319-385-0779
Public Information319-385-6124
Radiology/Imaging Services319-385-6158
Rehabilitation Services (Physical & Occupational & Aqua therapies)319-385-6102
Sleep Disorders Center319-385-6104
Southeastern Renal Dialysis319-385-6720