HCHC proves to be the right fit for New London couple

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HCHC proves to be the right fit for New London couple

For first time parents, finding a healthcare provider to deliver your new bundle of joy is not a decision to be taken lightly. For Samantha and Ross Schmeiser of New London, Henry County Health Center offered everything they desired and more.


Their oldest daughter, Madison, was born in 2015 followed by their second daughter, Peyton, who came along a year later. The couple knew from their positive first experience that HCHC was the only option for their second baby.


“I loved the way I was treated when I had Madison, so I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else with Peyton,” said
Samantha. “I couldn’t have asked for a better team to have helped with our girls. Hands down HCHC has blown me away with how amazing the girls and I were treated during our stay and follow up appointments.”


Samantha did her homework when selecting healthcare professionals for her prenatal care and delivery. She talked with several friends, and also researched midwives and the services they offer. The results of her search revealed that midwives are hands-on and would allow Samantha the opportunity to have an active learning experience. She wanted personalized care which is exactly what she received at HCHC.


“I decided I definitely wanted a midwife which wasn’t offered at every hospital. HCHC has two certified nurse-midwives, the hospital is close to home, and the recommendations from friends who had already experienced HCHC were much better than other hospitals. All of that made it a pretty easy decision for us to come here,” she explained.


Certified Nurse-Midwives Kendra Bonnesen and Kari Payne work as a team with HCHC Obstetrician/Gynecologist Robert Smith, M.D., to provide maternity care for area residents. Samantha met with both certified nurse-midwives throughout her pregnancy, so on the day she delivered she already knew both of them which made her very comfortable. She was also seen by Dr. Smith so she felt at ease with him as well.


“Dr. Smith went through my birth plan and realized I wanted to do everything as natural as possible. I’m a realist so he knew I was going to be okay if I needed any intervention by him as an OB/GYN. He explained how he’d be able to help if a situation arose,” said Samantha.


There were several positives that stood out to Samantha about her care. She was pleased with the appointments and the detailed explanations. She was given thorough answers to questions that were easily understood.


“I recommend a midwife because they are very hands-on and I received so much information. I really felt more like a friend than just another patient. It made my husband and I more comfortable and we were never confused about anything. Kari and Kendra made sure we were completely okay with their answer before we left our appointment,” she said.


“I definitely feel that having the certified nurse-midwives was an advantage because they knew our situation personally, and they were also very supportive of our choice to go as natural as possible. I had awesome care that was very personalized. I felt like I was coming more to a family than an appointment.”


When it came to the actual deliveries of their babies, the Schmeisers were very satisfied with the care they received.


“I couldn’t have asked for better care when it came to bedside manner. They anticipated what I needed before I knew what I needed. I love that if I saw them outside the hospital they would know my name and my children’s names. From start to finish it’s been an awesome relationship we’ve developed with them.”