HCHC provides Mt. Union resident with ‘exceptional’ experience

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HCHC provides Mt. Union resident with ‘exceptional’ experience

In the midst of adversity, often times a silver lining can be found. Just ask Lorraine Anderson of Mt. Union who considers Henry County Health Center her silver lining. At a time in her life when she physically felt the worst, she could count on the medical professionals at HCHC to provide her with the best care.

When Anderson became very ill and needed medical attention, she insisted on going to HCHC for her care. “I told the paramedics that I wanted to go to HCHC because that’s where I doctor, my medical records are there, and that’s where I feel comfortable,” she explained.

Although she has had three children, undergone several surgeries and had cancer twice, this is the first time Anderson had been treated in an emergency room. The experience was very positive.

“Everyone was super in the Emergency Room. Dr. Reynen and the nurses were wonderful and they did everything they could to help me. I was diagnosed with E.coli, and since I’m allergic to almost everything they called my family physician, Dr. Thomas Bainbridge, and they found an antibiotic that would work,” she explained. “I’ve never been so sick in my life. My emergency room experience was very positive and my sons couldn’t believe how fantastic everyone was. Staff took such good care of me; they were so pleasant, thoughtful and considerate. You could tell they really cared.”

Anderson was so sick that she was admitted to the Inpatient Services Department on a Sunday and stayed until Thursday. She experienced the same wonderful care there as she did in the Emergency Department. She told the nurses she needed sleep and only wanted to see her sons, and her request was met. In fact, she found that all of her requests were met.

“The nurses were absolutely wonderful. Every one of them couldn’t have been any nicer. When they came in and took my blood pressure in the middle of the night they were so quiet and I could sleep. They were just so good I could not believe it,” Anderson said.

Both Hospitalists Joel Ryon, M.D., and Katie Steffensmeier, A.R.N.P., cared for her during her stay. She felt they were very professional, attentive and kept her well informed about her condition. The nurses were also exceptional in their care and answered her needs immediately. From the hospitalists, to nurses, to dietary and housekeeping, everyone was “incredible.” Anderson said she’d never been treated so well in her life.

“I had lost so much weight from being sick, and a gal from dietary listed everything they had in the kitchen and offered to cook me whatever I wanted. From all the staff, I have never had such good care. I’m a real homebody so I was getting homesick, but at the same time I really didn’t want to leave. Everyone was so cheerful,” she explained.

The care and compassion didn’t stop when Anderson left the health center. Shelley VanDorin, a nurse from Henry County Community Health, went to Anderson’s home as part of the Transitions in Care Program. This service is offered to every discharged patient from HCHC and was a tremendous help to Anderson during her at home recovery.

Life experience teaches us that being surrounded by compassionate and caring people helps us through the trials of life. Anderson found these people at Henry County Health Center.

“I have never been in a place where I’ve had such exceptional and wonderful care. I never wanted to go to a hospital, but I’d go back to HCHC in a second. My care in Mt. Pleasant was amazing! That’s something I thank God for every day and ask Him to bless everyone there. The care I received was unbelievable,” she said. “The atmosphere at HCHC is different than other hospitals. Every time the nurses came in they were smiling, they called me by name, and were helpful and accommodating to my needs. The people at HCHC are just incredible.”