Morning Sun woman benefits from healthcare services close to home

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Morning Sun woman benefits from healthcare services close to home

After Judy Strasser of Morning Sun suffered a heart attack, she and her husband, Jim, discovered why having access to high quality healthcare services in rural Iowa is so important.


Following two heart procedures in Iowa City, Judy was referred for follow-up care at Henry County Health Center. In Mt. Pleasant she was able to see Dr. Lee, visiting cardiologist in HCHC’s Specialty Clinic, and she also enrolled in HCHC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program. The Cardiac Rehab Department offers a multi-level individualized program designed to help cardiac patients reach their highest level of health, staffed by registered nurses who have extensive experience in the field of cardiac rehab.


Judy and Jim were very pleased and confident with the care that Judy received at HCHC. “I had 36 sessions of cardiac rehab for 12 weeks and I enjoyed going,” said Judy. “The nurses were wonderful and I had other people I exercised with. I liked that I could do all my follow-up at HCHC versus driving back and forth to Iowa City.”


For more information about HCHC’s Cardiac Rehab program and other HCHC services provided close to home, call 319.385.6124.


Pictured at top with Cardiac Rehab Nurses (l-r) Andrea Moeller and Linda Veldboom is patient Judy Strasser graduating from the Cardiac Rehab program. Judy is also pictured exercising with weights in the Cardiac Rehab exercise room.