Local athlete pleased with treatment of sports injury

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Local athlete pleased with treatment of sports injury

Receiving healthcare at Henry County Health Center is nothing new to J Anna Birch. She and her family have always received care at HCHC and understand the value of our community health center. The significance of having this quality healthcare close to home was reinforced following her son’s injury.

When her son, Jeret “Jet” Swailes, was injured in a high school football game, they came to HCHC where he had an MRI and discovered he had a torn labrum in his shoulder. They saw Joseph Tansey, M.D., HCHC’s board certified orthopedic surgeon.

“We came here because of the hometown atmosphere. Being in a small community, I’ve known some of the staff since childhood. We have always come here; Jet was born at HCHC. I’ve been to other facilities and it’s not the same,” Birch explained. “When we saw Dr. Tansey for Jet’s shoulder injury, Dr. Tansey didn’t run countless tests; he was on the ball and knew right what it was and fixed it. Dr. Tansey is the best!”

Jet’s surgery to repair his torn labrum was a successful and positive experience for him as well.

jet-and-christina“The surgery nurses were really friendly and helpful. They knew my mom and treated me like I was a part of their family. All the staff was incredible. They always asked how I was doing and they were interested in my personal life,” said Jet. “Dr. Tansey is a straight forward guy and really helped me for the long run. He’s a good surgeon and got me in quickly.”

Being able to have physical therapy at HCHC’s Rehabilitation Services also solidified the value of having a health center nearby. “In rehab I started with light lifting to get me back to heavy lifting. Therapy helped me to lift more and I felt stronger after doing it. At HCHC, I got in quickly, it was convenient because I didn’t have to drive as far, and Dr. Tansey and rehab got me back where I needed to be,” said Jet.